Lee on Solent Airfield (Solent Aiport, EGHF)

Arrivals & Departures (Visitors Only)

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17th November 2018

Spitfire Status: Not Due To Fly Today

Currently: G-ILDA Inside Hangar


Reg Type Arrived Time
G-BWDX Europa Arrived 15:10
G-BPIU PA28 Arrived 14:43
G-BTLB WA52 Arrived 14:41
G-BGWM PA28 Arrived 14:17
G-OONY PA28 Arrived 14:13
G-DOGI R22 Arrived 13:47
G-PERE R22 Arrived 13:44
G-DEEZ Kitfox Arrived 13:01
G-CSCS Ce172 Arrived 12:53
G-BUFH PA28 Arrived 12:43
N520DS DA40 Arrived 12:34
G-ESSL Ce182 Arrived 12:27
G-CHIP PA28 Arrived 12:22
G-BJDW Ce172 Arrived 12:00
N22NN Ce182 Arrived 11:54
G-CGLR Sportscrusier Arrived 11:53
G-BRFB Long-EZ Arrived 11:46
G-LOTE PA28 Circuits 11:42
G-ZHKF Escapade 912 Arrived 11:41
G-BGWM PA28 Arrived 11:31
G-LOTE PA28 Arrived N/A
G-SEXX PA28 Arrived 10:29


Reg Type Departed Time
G-BTLB WA52 Departed 15:33
G-BGWM PA28 Departed 15:32
G-OONY PA28 Departed 15:27
N520DS DA40 Departed 15:12
G-BPIU PA28 Departed 15:05
G-CSCS Ce172 Departed 14:58
G-ZHKF Escapade 912 Departed 14:50
N22NN Ce182 Departed 14:34
G-BRFB Long-EZ Departed 14:33
G-DEEZ Kitfox Departed 14:30
G-DOGI R22 Departed N/A
G-CGLR Sportscrusier Departed 14:28
G-BBFV PA32 Departed 13:59
G-BJDW Ce172 Departed 13:58
G-ESSL Ce182 Departed 13:55
G-BUFH PA28 Departed 13:52
G-CHIP PA28 Departed 13:50
G-BGWM PA28 Departed 13:50
G-LOTE PA28 Departed 11:37
G-SEXX PA28 Departed 11:19

Aircraft that night stopped

This is a list of aircraft that has night stopped, either for a short/long visit or in maintenance. Will add date when arrived and when the aircraft finally departs.

Reg Type Arrived Departed
G-BWDX Europa 17/11
G-KAIR PA28 13/11
G-BTIJ L8 06/11
ZH001 BN2T 05/11
G-CGZI TB21 29/10
G-BBFV PA32 27/10 17/11
G-BJHB M20J 24/10
G-BYKB AC11 16/10